The very beginning… on Sunday nights Great Yarmouth seafront turns into an energy filled place crammed packed with modified cars, car enthusiasts and the odd motorcycle.

The original aim was to get 20-30 motorcycles together and attend the meet. We set up the events page on facebook and within 24 hours we had over 500 people attending, the trend carried on and that 500 turned into 1000, then 2000, and then 3000.

It eventually came to the day of the event, and the sun was shining!. We had never seen Great Yarmouth so packed with bikes and people. The event was due to start in the evening, but in true biker fashion (we do what we want, not what we’re told) from 9am bikes were rolling in. Soon after the seafront was filled pier to pier (Britannia pier, to Wellington pier). The usual holiday makers had an unexpected treat when they visited the seafront, many giving brilliant feedback on our page. A great day was had by everbody, there was no trouble at all, and everybody were on their best behaviour. Towards the end of the day many bikers rode home, but many stayed and enjoyed the evening surrounded by petrol heads.

At the end of the day, we realised that this needed to happen again!. So we got straight on the job of planning The Great Yarmouth motorcycle takeover 2017!